Monday, 4 August 2014

Berlinale Talents 2015: call

Sent by our partner Goethe-Institut Chennai:

Dear friends and partners of Berlinale Talents,

Please find downloadable application flyer with all information about the programmes of Berlinale Talents 2015.

We would like to ask you to forward the information to your network, friends and colleagues.

Thank you very much in advance.
With best regards,
Berlinale Talents team

Berlinale Talents is the annual summit and networking platform of the Berlin International Film Festival for 300 emerging film creatives from all over the world. The next edition of Berlinale Talents takes place Feb 7- 12, 2015. Emerging directors, screenwriters, producers, distributors, world sales agents, actors, cinematographers, editors, production designers, sound designers, film music composers and film critics can apply for the Berlinale Talents 2015. Apart from a summit programme of master classes and panel discussions, Berlinale Talents consists of several Studio programmes, the Talent Press and a range of Project Labs (Talent Project Market, Doc Station, Script Station and Short Film Station) in which producers and writers/directors can further develop and present their projects.
Berlinale Talents is an initiative of the Berlin International Film Festival, the application deadline for 2015 is on September 1st 2014.

More information:

Download brochure from here.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Reel Desires - CIQFF 2014 - Audience review | feedback

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Official selection: Krutch by Clark Matthews, with Mia Gimp

Krutch 2013 | Clark Matthews | USA | 5 mins

A steamy, experimental short film exploring perception, sexuality, disability and gender on the streets and sheets of New York City. For adult audiences.

Krutch has garnered numerous awards including those at the Briefs Erotic Short Film Competition 2014 Oakland, CA, Fetisch Film Festival Germany 2013, GoodForHer Feminist Porn Awards 2013 Toronto, Canada, and CineKink NYC 2013. Read the rave reviews here.

About the Actor: Mia Gimp, an accomplished performer and social media advocate,  explores disability, gender, sexuality and queerness. The award-winning short, KRUTCH, marks her adult film debut as actor and co-producer. When not making art, Mia enjoys cross-community advocacy.

About the Director: Clark Matthews is the co-creator and writer/director /editor of the award-winning short KRUTCH, his first adult film. Made with collaborator and star Mia Gimp, it explores issues close to Clark's heart: disability, perception and authenticity through representation and authorship. He currently resides in Philadelphia having earned a bachelor's degree in Film and Media Arts at Temple University.

Official selection and India premiere: Pete & Aaron by David Hastings

Pete & Aaron 2014 | David Hastings | UK | 34 mins

About the short: Peter is staying at the hotel, all at the expense of his employers. Every month he’s here with a small group of colleagues, away from home, his girlfriend and family.

But the night away is all he needs to help try and discard the internal conflicts within that scare him, which he tries to remedy by secretly meeting up with random guys off the internet for one night stands, all the while living in paranoia that a work colleague will have seen him in the process.

To Pete, it’s a means to an end, to starve off these feelings he has had all his life for another month, so that he can go home and continue living a ‘normal’ life with a girlfriend, home, friends/family, all of whom would never even contemplate his actions here for a moment.

Into this world of confusion and angst comes the latest one night stand in the form of Aaron. And what starts as the usual hook up for them both eventually becomes something neither of them expected, exposing the raw hidden emotions, inner demons and insecurities in both of them, and which will impact on the ways they both view life from this night on.

About Checking In:  Pete & Aaron is part of Checking In, an anthology film that premiered in the UK in May 2014. The film delves into the lives of numerous guests around the establishment over the course of a 24 hour period on a random average working day. Told through the eyes of maid Radka (Nici Preston) & Alec the Manager (Roger David Francis), we meet a range of guests; some will make you laugh, some will make you gasp while some will make you think.

About the Director: David Hastings (producer, writer, director Pete & Aaron),  formed Lightbeam Productions in 2007 after studying Film Theory and Production at Manchester Met University in the UK. Having fully immersed himself in fllm making from an early age, he has written, produced and directed a range of differing films over a variety of genres from pure drama to full horror, and is in the process of preparing the next anthology feature film, inspired by the gothic Hammer Horror films of the 1970s entitled The House of Screaming Death. 

Official selection: Just Two Steps Away, by Mujeer Pasha

Just Two Steps Away 2014 | Mujeer Pasha | India | 53 mins

Darshan finds a book in a used books store. He goes to return it at the marked address. While doing that, he loses his heart to Nagesh. But the relationship is doomed before it even starts. Darshan and Nagesh are at crossroads, seeking different things from life. Passion binds them but there is always a distance—the two steps they need to take towards each other. This film by Bangalore-based Mujeer Pasha comes to Chennai after rave reviews at the queer film fests in in Bangalore and Mumbai.

Watch trailer:

Official selection: House for Sale, by Eisha Marjara

House for Sale 2012 | Eisha Marjara | Canada | 18 mins

Special thanks to Andy Gras/Traum-kino of Germany's Transgender Film Festival. Kiel,
for recommending this film and sourcing it for us! 

About the film: House for Sale challenges the traditional concept of marriage and home by introducing a character  that is anything but typical, one that questions the heteronormative institution. The main character Salim does not fit into any traditional mould as a romantic hero/ine. S/he is transgender, s/he is South Asian, s/he is almost always left out. Salim presents himself as male and as female, transitioning between both genders throughout the film and skirting hir own dual nature in a fairly conservative white middle class suburb from which s/he is excluded. S/he is therefore left to feel alienated and alone and must struggle to belong and find love that is open-minded, and most importantly, one that is lasting and real. 

About the Director: Eisha Marjara first drew attention with the witty and incisive The Incredible Shrinking Woman which received Honourable Mention at the Semana de Film Experimentale in Madrid in 1994. In 1999 her documentary feature Desperately Seeking Helen a National Film Board of Canada production (NFB) won the Jury Prize at the München Dokumentarfilm Festival in 2000 and the Critic’s Choice Award at the Locarno Film Festival.  The Tourist premiered at the Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québecois in 2006 and was nominated as the best short film at the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto. She is currently developing the feature films Venus and 360°Over Berlin as well as the provocative docu-drama Lolita Diaries which explores girlhood and sexuality through Nabokov’s Lolita.

Watch trailer here: 

Official selection: Kaaye Kaaye Sexual? by TISS students

Kaaye Kaaye Sexual? (What Kinds of Sexual?) 2014 | Gitanjali S, Mukta Patil, Rajashree Gandhi and Ridhima Sharma | India | 29 mins

From these talented students of School of Media and Cultural Studies (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) comes an insightful and gripping short on three young Mumbaikars who identify themselves as bisexual, queer and asexual.

As the three protagonists share a slice of their lives with the viewers, they raise nuanced questions about the meaning of their sexual identities, their relationship with the LGBTQI movement in the city of Mumbai, the role that the city has played in their 'sexual awakening', the politics of sexuality and more.

While the film explores the marginalization of certain forms of sexuality in the larger heterosexual world and even in some 'progressive' spaces, it is just as much about Meet, Shruti and Rodya, their personal subjectivities, their likes, dislikes and even some of their quirks.

 Our favourite part is the delightful parody of TV soap operas through the 'KKS TV' segments featuring saas-bahu and mother-son pairs, with a difference!

Watch the trailer below.